Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Squirrels Beware: Acorn Wreaths are All the Rage

Heather wouldn’t tell you this because she’s much too modest, but she has an awesome house! Think gorgeous windows, beautiful built-ins, and something else—just endless potential that we can’t wait to get our little paws on.  I unfortunately live with my parents (whomp, whomp) but love to help H decorate her humble abode.

She already had an awesome start for her fall décor but we wanted to take it up a notch and nothing seemed more fitting than this natural wreath.

This is the beautiful wreath that Dana made over at Dana Made It and the inspiration for our project. Who wouldn't be inspired by this beauty?
Our “shopping” mainly consisted of picking up acorns out of Heather’s front yard. No complaining here, we thoroughly enjoyed being outside in the nice North Carolina fall weather. Our acorns were more of a caramel color than the one's in our inspiration, but we'll take whatever nature gives us.

It’s essential that you bake the acorns for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. This seemed a bit unnecessary to us but after a bit of Internet research, we learned that llarve can hatch out of your acorns if you don’t bake them (yuck!) We did as told and even liked the color of our acorns better after they had been toasted. They basically screamed AUTUMN!

We got cracking on the wreath by simply hot gluing acorns horizontally on our Dollar Tree wreath forms. (We heart Dollar Tree, if we haven’t mentioned that, we’ve definitely meant too!)

About 1.5 hours later we were shocked by the simplicity of the wreath and smitten with the result.

Here's my naked acorn wreath. I took the Even Steven approach and tried to place each acorn neatly beside the others.

Here's Heather's gussied up acorn wreath.  She choose a more random approach, alternating placement of the acorns.

Copy Cat Run Down:

Total Cost: Acorns: Free, Styrofoam Wreath: $1. Total Cost of $1! You certainly can't beat that.

Total Time:15 minutes to gather the acorns and 15 minutes of baking for prep time. The actual assembly of the wreath was somewhere between 2-3 DVRed shows aka a little over an hour!

Would we do this craft again: You betcha! We want to spray paint one every color of the rainbow. We just can't get over how simple and cheap this wreath was. When we do it again, we'll be sure to spray paint the wreath form. It should be less forgiving of our slight mess ups.

Credit: We can't thank Dana of Dana Made It enough for turning us on to this beauties. Check out her post devoted to all things acorn!

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