Monday, December 20, 2010

No Sweat Noel

With less than a week until Christmas we've really kicked it into high gear at Copy Cat Headquarters.

We were getting into the holiday spirit this weekend by making Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls and last minute gifts for family and friends.

I also whipped up this super easy Pottery Barn "Noel" knock off. After seeing Sarah at Life Sweet Life's simple tutorial, I knew this was the project for me. Little time and little money (hey, it's getting close to the big day and funds are dwindling!)

I've been itching to use my oil rubbed bronze spray paint and this seemed like the cure for that itch.

Head over here to see Sarah's simple tutorial. I promise you won't regret it!

After a quick trip for letters to Hob Lob, I got cracking.  To put it simply you spraypaint, position letters, hot glue and then secure with cardboard and you've got a genuine Pottery Barn knock off you won't believe!

Yikes, the back of that N is blinding! Note to self: paint asap!

Learn from my mistakes and spray paint ALL of the backs if you're going to put over a mirror!

The Copy Cat Rundown:

Total Time: About 30 minutes to spray paint and assemble. All in all, you can definitely do this in one afternoon.

Total Cost: $2 for 4 letters=$8. I wasn't able to score mine on sale like Sarah! I had the spraypaint, glue gun and cardboard on hand. Still wayyy less than Pottery Barn's price tag.

Would we do this again? One Noel sign should be enough for a household, but I would strongly encourage all of you to make one!

Credit: Sarah at Life Sweet Life gets all the credit!

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