Monday, January 3, 2011

Some Pig!

While saving money isn’t specifically one of my New Year’s Resolutions (let’s be honest I have no resolutions, just a big long 2011 to do list!), it’s always a plus.
So if you have to sock away your pennies and dimes why not have something fabulous (that only costs pennies and dimes) to hold your savings!
On a recent Dollar Tree outing, I spotted these simple ceramic piggy banks. Due to my recent obsession with all things Martha Stewart glitter I knew exactly what I wanted to do to these piggies to make them a good thing!

The simple cast of characters. DT Piggy, MS glitter and Mod Podge.
Just a thin layer of Mod Podge and a heavy sprinkling of MS Blue Sapphire glitter and I was ready start feeding this little piggy!

Oh, we're halfway there!

This is definitely a pig that Charlotte would be proud of!

Ta-da! Heather's in White and mine in Blue!

Here's the white piggy in his new home. Addie B's bookcase.

The Copy Cat Rundown:
Total Time: About 30 minutes. It’s best to cover small spots of the pig in Mod Podge and glitter and allow to completely dry!
Total Cost: $1 for piggy bank. Already had glitter, Mod Podge and brushes!
Would we do this again? Yep! This would be an awesome addition to any household in the New Year!
Credit: Yours truly!

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