Friday, February 4, 2011

The Big Reveal

Well. Here it is! The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Okay, okay, the moment I’VE been waiting for.

The! Big! Reveal!
Here she is-- my new and improved create space:

I waffled for a long time about what to do to make the table look better and covering it in fabric ended up being the winner.  BUT. Even with a coupon, the amount of fabric it would take to cover the length of the table with enough to hang over the front (to hide any mess stored items underneath the table) would cost a pretty penny. So I bought a set of sheets instead. Yes, you heard me right. The “fabric” covering my craft table is actually the top sheet of a $14 twin sheet set (Better Homes & Garden brand from Walmart). I figured it was cheaper than the cost of fabric, and it if gets less than stellar treatment (from glue guns or paint) then it’s no big loss if it has to be replaced eventually.  And better yet—the set came with two pillowcases and a fitted sheet which can be used for other projects. I already used one of the pillowcases to cover two of my cork memo boards. And I’m planning to eventually use the sheet to sew liners for my baskets!
The only other investment I made in the space was the bookshelf. For $25 (Walmart) it was a small price to pay for maximizing the organization in this space. Using baskets  I already owned, I corraled all of my fabric, spray paint, and extra odds and ends.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the way this space turned out. Its not the fanciest craft room, but it works for now. And honestly, it looks SO much better, there’s a place for everything, and I have so much room to spread out projects and work.  It’s brightened up the space down in our laundry room and I no longer cringe every time I run downstairs to switch out a load of towels.
And, oh yeah, I've finally been able to get my sewing machine out of the box!

Here’s the budget breakdown for this space:
Four Cork Squares: $10
Sheet set: $14 (and I still have lots of fabric left over!)
Lamp shade: $7
Bookcase: $25
Total Cost: $56
Organization and peace of mind: Priceless J

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