Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Take on the Magical Fruit

I finally got the chance to put those dried beans practically begging to be eaten to good use. Oh I love some pinto beans with cornbread but this is a love deeper than food…it’s love at first craft!

Just three simple things and you'll be on your way to creating beautiful bean balls.

-Beans of your choice (I used pintos, baby limas and black eyed peas)
-Styrofoam balls of varying size
-Your trusty hot glue gun

Thankfully my balls had a line around the circumference (the one thing I remember from middle school math) of the ball so I could line up the beans. It’s best to squirt a short line of glue, probably around enough for 3-4 beans, and put the beans down and repeat and repeat and repeat.

Trust me—you do not want to individually glue and adhere each bean to the ball. You’ll end up with fried hands and nerves. I almost gave up on this simple project because of the burns and frustration inflicted from these measly beans…grrr.

I clearly overcame and created these beauties. I’m equally in love with all of them. It’s like asking me who my favorite (imaginary) child is, I’d be telling a fib if I said I had one!

We’re currently admiring they’re natural beauty but are also toying with the idea of spray painting a few.

What do you guys think? Natural or Spray painted?

Copy Cat Run Down:

Total Cost: Large Styrofoam balls: $1 each, Small Styrofoam ball: 50 cents, pintos and black eyed peas: free, baby limas: $2. Total cost of $8 for 6 balls and there are plenty of beans to make more : )

Total Time: After a slight learning curve, I turned into Speedy Gonzalez on these things. About 20 minutes on a small ball and 35 minutes on a large ball.

Would we do this craft again: For sure! I’m still making these babies. They look amazing in my mom’s kitchen and I want to make more and more.

Credit: We were so in love with House of Hepworths magical fruit that we decided to give it a go and even put our own twist on this easy project.

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  1. What about natural color for Thanksgiving and spray paint them for Christmas with a little glitter? Everyone loves glitter at Christmas!