Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Best Non-Craft Craft Ever!

The more that Natalie and I read through the blogosphere the more we get inspired. And honestly, the more we end up slapping ourselves on the forehead and saying “Why didn’t WE think of that!?”. 
It happens a lot, actually, and when we saw a recent post by none other than (our beloved) Allison at House of Hepworths on this genius idea for a super simple, super cheap way to decorate for fall we were both in awe of her creativity and totally jealous that we hadn’t thought of it first!
Now, I like to pride myself on keeping a fairly stocked pantry—but I have to admit that lentils were nowhere to be found and I had to very sheepishly ask the kind stock boy at my local grocery store where said lentils were located as well. (Suffice it to say lentils do not make it on the regular menu rotation here at CC HQ. Perhaps I've been missing out?) At any rate, one quick trip to the Dollar Tree and the grocery store later, I was ready to give my mantel a little mini-makeover.
I call this a non-craft because there really isn’t much “crafting” involved in the assembly. The closest thing I got to being crafty here was cutting the twine. The hurricane vases and white candles are from the Dollar Tree for $1 each, I only used one bag of lentils for both, and I already had the jute and leaves on hand from former projects. It was fast, cheap, and SO easy—and these ended up being just what my mantle needed to finish it off for Fall.

The Copy Cat Rundown:
Total Time Spent: 5 Minutes (I wasn’t kidding when I said this was easy)
Total Cost:  Dollar Tree Hurricanes: $2, Bag of Lentils: Around $2, Candles: $2, Twine and Leaves: FREE! Total Cost for Two: $6
Would we do this again? Yes! And it has us looking at the bean aisle at the grocery store in a whole new way!
Credit: No doubt about this one, we copy catted straight from the best of the best. Check out Allison over at House of Hepworth’s to see the original!

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