Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Perfect Platter

It’s no big secret that Turkey Day is right around the corner…and Christmas isn’t far behind it. To me, the holidays are all about togetherness; it’s a time to come together with the people you love to celebrate and enjoy one another’s company. It’s a time to bake cookies with my mom, to see family you don’t normally get to see the rest of the year, and to come together around a warm table and share in the delicious foods of the holiday season (mashed potatoes and stuffing, I’m looking at you!). In short, if I had to sum up this time of year in one word it, it would be: gather.
A few months ago as I was ravenously devouring flipping through my Fall Pottery Barn Catalog I was struck by a dining room display that had the word ‘gather’ on the wall in the form of haphazardly placed pieces of paper. And while I wasn’t a huge fan of the less-than-practical execution of Pottery Barn’s version, I was instantly on the lookout for a way to incorporate this holiday-inspired  verbiage in my own décor.
A trip to TJ Maxx a few weeks later (coupled with my new-found love and acquired skill for Mod Podge) and I was well on my way to getting my craft on.

I started by downloading several free fonts from various online sources ( is a favorite!) and playing around with the style and size of the word in order to get the look I had in mind. I eventually settled on a font called “Jane Austen” (my Mr. Darcy-loving-heart couldn’t resist!) and printed it out on regular computer paper using Microsoft Word.  I carefully cut it out, decided on the placement of the word on my platter and then ModPodged it on.

Happy Holidays, indeed.

The CopyCat Rundown:
Total time: 10 minutes
Total Cost: $9.99 for the platter at TJ Maxx. I had the rest of the supplies already so they were free!
Would we do this again? While I think I’m all set in the “gather” department, I love the idea of using simple wording that I’ve printed off as décor around the house. There are lots of Christmas words just begging to be used for this project!
Credit: For this one, I suppose Pottery Barn  gets the cred for their inspiration.  Thanks, PB!

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