Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ready, Set, Rosette

We’ve all seen them in a store (ahem, I ‘m talking about you J. Crew), those headbands that are oh so cute but oh so expensive. These handbands often make me think, I could totally make that!

Well guess what? We did!
Oh yeah, that’s right. We finally got around to making rosettes. Seems like everybody else in bloggy land already has, but here’s our go at it.
We both willy nilly chose some scrap fabric out of our pile. Confession: after this step I was not much of a natural. Crafting doesn’t come naturally to me, I have to work at it, so if there’s hope for me there’s most certainly hope for you J
Cut a 6-10 inch piece of fabric about ½ inch thick.

Once you have your strip, tie one end in a knot and just start twisting like there’s no tomorrow.
While making rosettes seems like a one person task, we needed two. We’re special like that.
The twisted fabric should easily form the shape of the rosette. The knot should be sticking out at the end of the rossete.  Now just pin the rosette to hold it in place.

Using a scrap of felt we secured the rosette to the felt with hot glue.  We just traced the outline of the rosette added a little hot glue and then removed the pin. Better safe than sorry. Once the rosette is secure to the felt, you can cut of it's rat tail. hehe

We went back to our J. Crew inspiration and put’em on a headband.  Just cut another scrap of fabric and glue felt to felt around the headband. Basically make a headband sandwich.


And on our lovely models. Oh wait! That's just us!

The Copycat Rundown:
Total Cost: FO FREE! We had everything already, so this one was zero dollars. Take that economy!
Total Time: Three rosettes took about 20 minutes, including attaching them to the headband.
Would we do this again? Yup. No sweater or headband is safe!
Credit: There are tons of rosettes out there, so this is just our stab at it.

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